Health Tips

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What are diet supplements?

Through a balanced diet an organism takes the essential for its daily nutritious substances needs.

However, the modern way of life, stress, the pollution of the environment, “fast food” and the not correct diet increase the needs of the organism in these substances so that it needs aid with diet supplements.

The diet supplements are products that usually contain vitamins, trace elements, nutritious components (carbohydrates, greases, proteins, amino-acids), extracts and plant matters.

Medicine abuse and overuse

Medicine overuse is a phenomenon that is characterized by the thoughtless reception of medicines and the consequences can be from soft up to devastating for the organism.

The explanation of medicine overuse is focused mainly in the ignorance of patients for the composition, the use, the attributes and the interactions of medicines, consequently the abuse of medicines.

Nature’s pharmacy

From the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, up to the aborigines in the depths of the Amazon jungle, in each corner of planet, the knowledge of natural therapeutics has been transmitted in the modern times. Nature has given us its therapeutic properties that supported modern pharmaceutical and today, it is the subject of an entire science.

The therapeutic properties of substances that emanate from the plant, animal and mining kingdom are under the microscope of scientists that continuously research them.

The modern technology allows us to find in our drugstore the gifts of nature through plenty of products.