Plant therapy

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Korean Ginseng

It is called Panax ginseng and its active ingredients, ginsenosides, are found in its root. It is considered as the most tonic form of Ginseng and has adjustable attributes which improve the resistance in bodily and mental stress. Tonic (against lassitude and weakness) and particularly useful in individuals with intense activity. It strengthens the Central Nervous System. It is considered aphrodisiac for men.

Caution! It is not indicated for women prone in fibroids, bladders and breast tumors or other problems related with excessive activity of estrogens because it’s content in estrogens. It is also not indicated in individuals with high pressure, nervous intensity and headaches.

American Ginseng

It is called Panax quinqefolium and presents adjustable attributes. In relation with the Korean Ginseng it has palliative action.

Siberian Ginseng

It is called Eleutherococcus senticosus and it was discovered by the Russians who were searching for an alternative towards the Korean one. It helps the body to adapt in situations of bodily lassitude and stress.