Food Supplements

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Other Vitamins

Biotin (vitamin H)

Use: Skin, brain, hair, metabolism, muscles, nervous system.

Natural sources: sardines, liver, egg crocuses, milk, cereals, beer yeast, tomatoes, dry fruits, legumes.

Insufficiency: exhaustion, anorexia, muscular pains, depression, dermatitis.

Daily need: 150-250mcg

Suspension of absorption: alcohol, coffee.

Increased needs: alcohol, dermal problems, nervous tension.


Use: brain, metabolism of fats and cholesterol, nervous system, arterial pressure.

Natural sources: cereals of total milling, egg crocus, lecithin, legumes, green foliar vegetables, liver, fish, beer yeast, wheat germ.

Insufficiency: Cirrhosis of liver, bleeding of kidneys and peptic ulcers, hypertension.

Daily need: 500-900mg

Increased needs: exercising, nervous tension, intellectual work, high cholesterol.

Suspension of absorption: with alcohol, coffee.

PABA (Para-amino benzoic acid)

Use: Skin, hair, metabolism, composition of proteins.

Natural sources: Cereals of total milling, wheat, wheat germ, liver, beans.

Insufficiency: Nervousness, anemia, constipation, lassitude, headaches, eczema.

Daily need: 6-8 mg

Increased needs: Exercising, dermal problems, hair loss.

Suspension of absorption: with sulphonamides, coffee, alcohol.

Vitamin R (biophlavonoids)

Use: Immunogenic system, circulatory, bacteriostatic action, protection of vitamin C, trichoid vessels.

Natural sources: Fruits (particularly skin of citrus fruits)

Insufficiency: Tendency for bleedings and bruises (similar symptoms from lack of vitamin C.

Daily need: It has not been determined.

Increased needs: Lack of vitamin C, smoking, circulatory problems.